Summary of 1st Round Public Meetings

Two public meetings and an Advisory Committee meeting were held on September 6th and 7th in Hermiston and Joseph, OR. The meetings were a success, with more than a dozen members of the public in attendance and 14 Advisory Committee members.

OPRD staff heard some great feedback from those attending. Comments included:

  • Need for additional consultation with Tribes
  • Maintain character and overall levels of use at Minam State Recreation Area
  • Support for addressing parking and unauthorized camping issues at Minam
  • Maintain equestrian use at Minam
  • Look into formalizing river access along the Wallowa Lake Highway Scenic Corridor
  • Support for more ADA facilities
  • Need to limit bear and other wildlife interactions at Wallowa Lake State Park
  • Concern about potential rise in lake levels at Wallowa Lake State Park
  • Need to maintain natural areas and scenic quality along the lakeshore at Wallowa Lake State Park
  • Interest in event center facilities in and around Wallowa Lake State Park

… and many others!

Meeting notes and a downloadable version of the presentation slides are posted below.

OPRD will evaluate all comments received to date, including results from the online survey, as we develop a draft Master Plan document over the coming months. We anticipate holding a second round of public meetings in Spring or early Summer 2018 to present the Draft Master Plan for comment. In the meantime we will update the website periodically with news – please stay in touch!


AC Presentation-09-06-17-1

Public Meeting Presentation Slides


2017_09_06 Wallowas PM

9/6 – Public Meeting Notes


2017_09_07 Wallowas AC

9/7 – Advisory Committee Notes


2017_09_07 Wallowas PM

9/7 – Public Meeting Notes



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