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The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is currently updating its master plan for state parks in Wallowa County. Over the next year or so OPRD will be analyzing park needs and resources, and creating recommendations for future management and development of the parks. You can join us by participating in upcoming public meetings, filling out a short survey, or submitting comments.

One comment on “Welcome!

  1. Joseph Otto McCormack says:

    Hello, I would like to complement the OSPARD for being great folks to work with; I was one of the Nez Perce Tribal members representing Tribal interest for the Iwetemlaykn State Historic Site, and had worked with the groups of local people of Wallowa County who helped bring attention to the Governor’s office way back when regarding the significant nature of the property. I’d just like to place a note in the comments early on and simply as a Nez Perce Tribal member who dose exercise Reserved Treaty Rights in Oregon and specifically Wallowa Lake; also I have a boat moored at the Wallowa Lake Yacht Club, from time to time I have used my boat to over night on the lake and when I’ve returned to my slip and parking I’ve had a warning ticket that was left on my vehicle. That’s okay because warnings don’t coast me anything and tells me that tribal members who do want to exercise their Reserved Treaty Rights on the shore or on the Lake should in my mind be exempt from charge for parking and access to the Lake’s resources. I do hope the matter is mute due to the fundamental nature of the law regarding U.S. 12 Stat: 957 and that the Parks Department has already established the criteria regarding the Statute to its park managers and the case law upholding the Right. I also realize that it is impossible for a park employee to recognize a car as being owned by a Nez Perce Tribal member so how can we be informed all the way around for the benefit of the park and the Tribal person at the Lake (State Park)


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