Summary of 1st Round Public Meetings

Two public meetings and an Advisory Committee meeting were held on September 6th and 7th in Hermiston and Joseph, OR. The meetings were a success, with more than a dozen members of the public in attendance and 14 Advisory Committee members.

OPRD staff heard some great feedback from those attending. Comments included:

  • Need for additional consultation with Tribes
  • Maintain character and overall levels of use at Minam State Recreation Area
  • Support for addressing parking and unauthorized camping issues at Minam
  • Maintain equestrian use at Minam
  • Look into formalizing river access along the Wallowa Lake Highway Scenic Corridor
  • Support for more ADA facilities
  • Need to limit bear and other wildlife interactions at Wallowa Lake State Park
  • Concern about potential rise in lake levels at Wallowa Lake State Park
  • Need to maintain natural areas and scenic quality along the lakeshore at Wallowa Lake State Park
  • Interest in event center facilities in and around Wallowa Lake State Park

… and many others!

Meeting notes and a downloadable version of the presentation slides are posted below.

OPRD will evaluate all comments received to date, including results from the online survey, as we develop a draft Master Plan document over the coming months. We anticipate holding a second round of public meetings in Spring or early Summer 2018 to present the Draft Master Plan for comment. In the meantime we will update the website periodically with news – please stay in touch!


AC Presentation-09-06-17-1

Public Meeting Presentation Slides


2017_09_06 Wallowas PM

9/6 – Public Meeting Notes


2017_09_07 Wallowas AC

9/7 – Advisory Committee Notes


2017_09_07 Wallowas PM

9/7 – Public Meeting Notes




Upcoming Public Meetings

The initial public meetings for the Wallowa Lake Management Unit Master Plan Update will be held on September 6th and 7th in Hermiston and Joseph. OPRD staff will summarize the planning process, park resource assessments, and preliminary development concepts and invite public comments. Click here for information about the times and locations. We hope to see you there!

Preliminary development and design concepts are posted below. Please keep in mind that these concepts are preliminary and are subject to change. Your feedback at this early stage of the planning process will help us to revise and improve the concepts!

Minam State Recreation Area Preliminary Development Concepts                                   (With Design Concept Alternatives for Selected Areas)

Concept Map_Minam_200scaleRV




Wallowa Lake Hwy Forest Scenic Corridor Preliminary Development Concepts  



Wallowa Lake State Park Preliminary Development Concepts                                   (With Design Concept Alternatives for Selected Areas)

Concept Map_Wallowa_150scale copy

WL_Marina_Concept B_44x68_Final

WL_Day Use Concept Plan A_44x68WL_Day Use Concept Plan A_44x68


Wallowa Lake relaxing at camp_crop.jpg

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is currently updating its master plan for state parks in Wallowa County. Over the next year or so OPRD will be analyzing park needs and resources, and creating recommendations for future management and development of the parks. You can join us by participating in upcoming public meetings, filling out a short survey, or submitting comments.